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Thursday, June 23, 2016


Started our day off with having breakfast
at Huddle House with our friends from Indiana.
It was so great to see them.

After breakfast, Jorge and two other guys went out riding
and I went with Laurie to walk the town of Helen
and we did shopping.  There are a lot of nice shops.

The architecture is definitely Bavarian.

 This candy shop was fantastic.
I bought pecan brittle and it was so delicious.
Jorge and I loved it!

There are two companies that do tubing down this waterway.

One of the bikes that I saw that had custom paint.

 Laurie and I found a Dutch shop.
I fell in love with all the things they had.
I had to use self-control and buy the many things I saw.

 The rally had scheduled a time for the ladies
to get to know how to take care of their
own motorcycles.  Jen did such a great job.
I came out of it knowing more than I did before.

 I rode this bike in the 2014 rally.
It was a lot of fun riding in the side car.

We all ended the day with ice cream.
Perfect way to end a great day.

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