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Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Last year for some reason, I was not tending to my garden like I should have.
Unfortunately, this year I'm paying for it with weeds.
I know that the road that lays before me with the weeds is not an easy one.
But I am determined to win this war.

As I'm waging this war on the weeds,
I don't want to miss on the beauty that surrounds me.
This morning, I was pulling weeds in the bed
that I had worked on last year and transplanted my lamb's ear.
The wind was blowing and the wonderful scent
of my lilac bush came right to where I was.
I saw bees and butterflies fluttering from one bloom to another.
My snowball bush was in full bloom and 
my dogwood tree was filled with wonderful blooms.

In the midst of pulling weeds, and cutting the grass,
I stopped and just soaked up the beauty that surrounded me.

 Dotty enjoying the sun and warmth as I work.

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