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Tuesday, June 4, 2013


This past Sunday, June 2, 2013, my husband and I had the opportunity
to volunteer for the Miracle Ride held every year to 
raise support for Children's Riley Hospital in Indianapolis.
This year marked the 20th anniversary.
All proceeds go to the hospital.
It is a two day event where thousands
of motorcycles come to Indianapolis and ride for the kids.

On Sunday, I helped with the registration and Jorge directed traffic.
There were all kinds of motorcycles.  Some were louder than others.
Even Elvis came - two of them!
Three riders had stuffed animals on their helmets.

One of the riders, a grandfather, brought his seven year old grandson.
His name is Austin and he is a Riley kid.
When I found out about it since they were in my registration line,
I announced it that we had a Riley kid.
Cheers erupted and clapping all around.
Many of these "tough" biker guys had tears in their eyes.

It was estimated that there were between
5,000 to 7,000 motorcycles participating in this event.
The ride started at Allison Transmission and ended in Lucas Oil Raceway.
I was so excited because this was the first time we participated in this.
We decided we were going to do this every year.

On the route that was prepared beforehand,
the police had blocked major intersections for the bikers.
There were people lined out on the sidewalks waving at us.
Some little ones had their ears covered because of how loud some of the bikes are.
Our first major stop was at Riley hospital.
There were kids from the hospital outside waiting for us.
We rode by slowly waving at them and they waving right back.
Smiles were on their faces and tears in their parents' eyes.
I don't think there was a dry eye among the bikers.
What Jorge and I didn't know at that time,
is that one of our dearest friend's grandson
was a patient at Riley and he was one of the
kids outside the hospital waving at us.
I know that Jorge and I had tears in our eyes as we rode by.
 We then rode to the Indianapolis Speedway Racetrack
and we got to ride around the track! 
I was so excited.

As we make our way to the Lucas Oil Raceway,
there are people lined up on both sides of the road.
There were several kids holding signs saying,
"Thank you from a Riley kid".
I saw one sign that read,
"Thank you from grandparents of a Riley kid".

Jorge and I are so grateful that we've not had to 
experience what these families have had to.
We've had friends in the past whose children
have been at Riley Hospital.
The staff working there are very special people.
I know that if I worked there,
I would come home with tears in my eyes and a hurting heart.

I encourage you that if there is a children's hospital in your area,
give a donation to them.  It is for the kids and their families.

 That's one way to bring a port o pot.

 Elvis came to ride!

 Kids at Riley Hospital

 The Indianapolis Racetrack!

This is just 1/1000th of the motorcycles that were there. 

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