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Sunday, June 16, 2013


Today is Father's Day and many families are
celebrating with their fathers.
They will get the food they love the most on this day.

Today, I want to honor my husband.
He is a wonderful father to our two sons.
I still remember the day that our son David was born.
It had to be an emergency C-section and several hours later,
I'm taken to my room.
The first thing I remember seeing is 
my husband in the yellow paper robe
holding David in his arms.  
Jorge had this huge smile on his face.
He was a dad!
The Lord blessed us again with another son, Chris.

Jorge taught our boys how to serve others.
He has taught them the meaning of sacrifice and honor
He taught them to respect others and protect the weak.
He taught them to have fun and enjoy life.

Jorge rarely missed a sporting event they participated in.
Whether it was basketball, soccer or baseball, he was there.
I still remember how he left a meeting from work so 
that he would not miss one of Chris's soccer games.

Jorge is a wonderful father and I hope that
one day when our sons have children of their own,
they will remember the godly example their father has been.

 Jorge and David in New Orleans helping after Hurricane Katrina

Doing their favorite activity:  shooting

 One happy and proud father

  Our wonderful family!

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