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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


There is a lady at my church who has asked me to teach a quilting class.
I finally agreed and it turned out that this was my second class that I have taught.
I knew the ladies taking my class had not quilted before.
So trying to find a project that was easy for them to do
and easy for me to teach was a challenge.
 What I found was a table runner pattern.  
I made a sample following the directions but I realized
that the directions were not easy to understand
for the beginners, so I edited them.  
One of the ladies also asked me if it could be made smaller.
The original table runner's length is 75" long.
I don't even have a table that long!
So I did a little math and reconfigured the design.
I loved how it turned out!

 My two samples.  I didn't even put the other border on the longer one.

 My three happy students.

The finished tablerunner top.

Next step is showing them how to mark the top for quilting
and setting it up with the backing and batting.
That next class will be done at my home.


  1. Irene, you have the biggest heart and most talented hands to help these sweet ladies (kinda partial to Maxine) learn to quilt!

    The table runner is a fun project!

  2. If we lived just a little closer I would definitely be taking quilting classes from you!!!

    1. Thanks Katelyn. I've seen the things you have done. You're very talented.