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Friday, March 9, 2012


Yesterday I was at Hancock Fabrics in Indianapolis to browse.  I always stop in the book section because I never know what might pop out at me.  It did happen, a book popped out.  The title of the book is Cut and Fold Quilting by Carol Nartowicz.  I perused it and was totally taken by the designs that I just had to buy it.  So today I worked very carefully the block.  It was challenging but I was up to it.  Here's what I did.

 I chose three fabrics to do the block. 
I needed freezer paper to draw the design.

 I cut my circle and used the double stick lite fusible web
to place it on the wrong side of the top layer fabric.

 I folded a 14 inch freezer paper in fourths.
I drew the design on each fourth of the freezer paper
I laid the freezer paper on top and with my exacto knife,
started carefully cutting.  I pressed hard to make sure that
all of the fabric was cut.

As you can see from the final process, I folded
the fabric back and ironed it.  I did a small 
zig zag stitch to keep the folded fabric down.
Now I can either make it into a pillow or
make three different similar blocks to make
it into a wall hanging.  

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