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Thursday, March 10, 2011


When I got married 27 years ago, I married into a photography family.  My husband's family were photographers in Cuba and continued when they moved to the United States.  Needless to say, I was taught by Jorge how to take pictures.  Several years ago, Jorge started taking wedding pictures for friends as our wedding present.  For two weddings, he decided to get sick.  Lo and behold, I had to take the wedding pictures.  Fear set in.  It's one thing to take vacation pictures and it's quite another when you do a wedding with a 35mm camera.  Praise God that the pictures turned out well.

As time has gone by, both of us have taken wedding pictures.  The last two shoots I've had have been engagement pictures.  These are a few of the pictures that I have taken.

Garrett/McFarland pictures

Brogan/Aston Pictures


  1. we still love our wedding pictures! They were so nice, and they have a nice feeling to them...not "stuffed shirts" that you see from time to time. They go great with our whole wedding theme!

  2. Thanks. I really enjoyed doing your wedding. Your wedding was a lot of fun. I really loved your dunk tank!

  3. Hi Irene! Do you want to buy a light kit? I will give you a pretty good deal!