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Monday, March 7, 2011


When people hear the phrase a cup of tea, some imagine the Victorian period of high tea.  You picture ladies with gloves drinking their tea and having scones, finger sandwiches, and desserts.

But when I have my cup of tea, it's a time where I can just sit and relax and ponder the things that are going on in my life.  Some things are sweet - my family, my relationship with God, my friends.  Some things are not so sweet - past hurts, worries for my family.  But through all of that, relaxing with a cup of tea helps me to reflect and see how God is working in my life.

On Saturday, I had a lovely tea party with two youngladies.  I had collected tea cups and set the table for a lovely tea party.  We were able to share about our lives and laugh.  Near the end of the tea party, I told the ladies a story.  This story I found in a book written by Emilie Barnes and have shared it with other ladies and this is what I told the young ladies.  The teacup you hold in your had is beautiful just like you.  It was created with a purpose the same way God created you with a purpose.  As you look at your teacup, you may see a crack or a chip.  As we get older, things may happen in our lives that might hurt.  Those are the cracks or chips in your life.  But even with all of that, you're still beautiful and still can be used by God.  The young ladies were thrilled when I told them the teacup is theirs.  I hope that years later, and especially during times of sadness, they'll remember the special day.

Do I plan on having more tea parties?  Yes I do. 

My two guests, Becca and Amber.  Ellie, my cat, wanted to be a guest also.

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