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Wednesday, November 4, 2015


When I came to Florida in late July, I was looking at houses
for my husband and I to move to.
I had gotten to a point that I was so tired of looking at houses.
As I was traveling back to the apartment,
I saw a beautiful and wonderful sign:
Quilt Shop
The name of the store is The Calico Station.
I fell in love with the shop.
I bought five charm packs from Moda called Lilies of the Field.

My husband has been after me for such a long time 
to make a quilt for our bedroom.
When I saw the fabric, I knew in that moment that is what I wanted.

So today I started working on the quilt.
This quilt will be my husband's birthday present.
His birthday falls on December 26th.
I got the squares all sewn and now
I have to go back to the shop
and buy more fabric to make the
sashing and the borders.

The charm packs all sorted out and ready to be put together.

They are now sewn by two's and now the fun
is to decide how to put them together.

Fifty-two squares are done and now they wait till
tomorrow when I but the fabric for sashing and borders.
I'll be putting more pictures of the progress.

I'm safe about posting this because he doesn't read my blog

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