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Thursday, March 20, 2014


Last week I had the opportunity to go to the
Indianapolis Flower and Patio Show.
After the kind of winter we've had,
I needed to see beautiful flowers and ideas for my yard.
It was absolutely heavenly being there.
There was a lot of ideas that were expensive
and others that were not expensive to do.
Now to choose which ones I would like to do here.

 I bought seeds from an heirloom seed collector from Ohio.

 Unique way for using a piano.
 Just for my Harley friends.
 I would love to do this to my back porch but I can't convince my husband of it.
 I fell in love with chicken coop.  It's small enough
for my yard and protected.  Now to just convince
my husband of this.

These Greyhounds are rescue dogs.
They were awesome!
As I was walking around the displays, I kept seeing
this fluttering butterflies and hummingbirds.
I had finally found the place that was selling them
with the intention of buying a couple.
That is until she told me the price and I changed my mind.
I did find them on Ebay for a whole lot less.
They are solar powered butterflies and I will get a couples now.

 I've always wanted a greenhouse and I saw this one.
It's just the right size and will fit perfectly in my yard.
Now to convince my husband I need it.
 After a long hard day working in the garden,
what better way to end it than sitting in front
of an outdoor fireplace.  Oh honey . . .

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