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Thursday, February 2, 2012


The first Thursday of every month I get together with my quilt guild.  Today's lesson was presented by a long arm quilter.  She presented to us what we need to do before we give our quilts to the person 
who is going to machine quilt.  Here is her checklist:
  • Make sure all seams are stitched securely
  • Square the top and backing
  • Press the top and backing
  • Remove excess threads
  • Remove the selvages from the backing seam
  • Batting (if you supply) should be 6 inches longer and wider than the top (3 inches on each side)
  • Backing should be 10 inches longer and wider than the top (5 inches on each side)
  • Fix way borders 
  • Place a safety pin at the top of the quilt if it is directional
  • Do not pin or baste the 3 layers of your quilt together
  • Do not add any embellishments until after it has been quilted
  • Arrive on time to deliver and pic up
  • Talk with the quilter about your vision for the quilt
  • Do not use a sheet for backing material
  • 100% cotton fabric with a small print is preferred for backing
  • Allow the long arm quilter to help you choose the batting
  • If using wide backing, tear instead of cut
  • Pound down areas of bulk (intersection of multiple seams)
  • Use only lightweight fusible for applique
  • "Stay-Stitch" a scant 1/4 inch from the edge around the perimeter of the quilt top
  • Do NOT trim the edges for a scalloped border until after it is returned from the longarm quilter.
If you would like to see something very funny about quilting, please go to the link provided titled
You Can Quilt That Out

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