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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


During this time of the year, I know I get busy with all the Christmas activities.  So many times I forget to take care of myself because I've got a list of things that need to get done.  Needless to say, there have been times that I have gotten sick and my list is stopped. 

It has been proven that stress can cause changes in your immune system.  If it goes on too long you can lose your vitality and end up being sick.  It sneaks up on you - especially when you are too busy to notice.

So what are the solutions to this dilemma?
  1. Learn to say NO!  I have a difficult time saying that word.  But the older I have gotten, the more I like that word.  I don't have to do everything.
  2. Make yourself a cup of tea and just sit and listen to some classical music.
  3. Exercise.  If the weather is good, take a walk.  I know that feeling the wind past my face and being outside helps me to relax and focus.
  4. Bubble baths are awesome!  Take the phone off the hook and just relax.
No matter what you do to relieve the stress that you may be under, don't forget 
the reason to celebrate Christmas is to celebrate
the birth of Christ.

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