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Monday, August 8, 2011


This past weekend I had to be in Bowling Green, Kentucky to photograph a wedding.  That turned out really well.  But during the trip to Bowling Green I had to exercise extreme self-control in not stopping at the historical sites and quilt shop.  My time was limited but on the way home, I did make a pit stop.

I went to the Abraham Lincoln birthplace.  Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin near Sinking Springs in rural Kentucky.  As the 16th president, his policies and politics saved the Union and ended slavery in the United States.  The Lincoln family lived here from 1808 to 1811.  They then moved to Knob Creek and lived there from 1811 to 1816.

The picture below shows the Memorial Building where a log cabin originally accepted as the birthplace cabin of Abraham Lincoln.  The cabin is old and typical to the area, it's not the original Lincoln cabin.

The Sinking Spring was a dependable water source on the Lincoln farm

The Lincoln family Bible

As Abraham Lincoln grew from infancy, a young oak sapling grew near their cabin.  Until its death in 1976, the Boundary Oak was the last link of the farm where he spent the first two years of his life.

In 1811 the Lincoln's moved 10 miles northeast to a farm on Knob Creek where the soil was richer.  Lincoln's view on slavery may have been formed on Knob Creek.  The Lincoln's belonged to an antislavery church. 

The picture below is a placard about Lincoln's friend.  The lore is that Austin Gollaher saved Lincoln's life from drowning in Knob Creek.  They were jumping rocks when Lincoln was swept into the rushing water.  Gollaher held a branch out to his friend and saved his life.  If this story is true, imagine what the United States would be now if Lincoln had drowned.

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