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Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Back in January of this year, I participated
in my first Florida Shop Hop.
A shop hop is where different quilt shops
work together in coming up with a theme.
They then design a block for their particular shop
and the customers go to each shop and purchase
the kit from that particular shop.

I decided to do it and check out the shops.
The shops were in different parts of Florida.
The furthest I had to travel to was in Orlando.
Yes, I was determined to go to every shop and get the kits.
Since I only had a week to visit each shop,
I had to plan my itinerary very carefully
so that I can maximize my time and travel.

I was able to accomplish all of the visits.
When I got home, I put away the kits
and had completely forgotten about them.
Last week, I decided I needed to get to work on
them because I'm doing another shop hop.

The blocks are all applique.
I rarely do any applique but I decided I would this time.
I still need to finish the edging on the pieces,
make the sashing and put the blocks together,
add the borders and then quilt it.

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