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Friday, April 1, 2016


Since Jorge and I are now living in Florida,
gardening here is very different than what it was back in Indiana.
When we moved to our house last August,
I already knew there were things I wanted to do in the yard.
For one thing, the property has WAY TOO MANY bushes.
I didn't want to pull any out last year because I didn't know what they were.
So I waited till now and found out what several of them are.

After making inventory of the bushes and what I have
I came up with a plan.
So far I have removed eight bushes.
Today's bush was the hardest one to take out.
It took me almost an hour to dig it out.
The bush I took out was a Japanese Boxwood.
It was right next to the house in the back.

The Elephant Palm I pulled out last year.
The Japanese Boxwood is to the right of the palm.
During all of the work, I found poison ivy.
Thankfully it did not touch my skin.

 It took me almost an hour and drinking a lot of
water but I finally dug out the bush.

 I put edging all around

 I also planted grass seed.
I had to add soil because since this is Florida,
there is a lot of sand.

 I went to Lowes and bought 20 bags black mulch.
I did have a young man load it all up in the Suburban.
I should have brought him with me to help me unload it all.

Three pots filled with flowers.

 Landscape fiber down and now the black mulch.

I'm very tired but very happy with the results.
I will need to go back and buy more potted flowers.
I'm learning new things about gardening in Florida.

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