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Thursday, March 19, 2015


 In the town that I live there is a nice park.
Back when my sons were younger, my husband and I would
bring them here to walk, run, and play.
We made a lot of good memories.

This past Sunday my husband and I decided
to go back to the park and take our dog for a walk.
It was a beautiful and sunny day and it seemed
that a lot of other people had the same idea as we.

Dotty had a wonderful walk and so did we.
She loved it when people would pet her.
She's a very gentle dog and the kids loved on her.
As Jorge and I walked, we started
remembering all the times that we 
took the boys to the park.
We became very nostalgic and 
I know that I wanted to go back to that time
when my boys were young again.

 Dotty all excited going for a car ride.
She had no idea what an adventure she was going to have

 My Mr. Wonderful and Dotty.

 The geese and ducks were "talking" with each other
just having a wonderful day.

 These two guys were having a wonderful time on their kayaks.

 Dotty's leg was hurting her so we stopped to rest.

We had wonderful afternoon at the park.
Jorge and I plan to do more walks in the park and
we will be sure of taking Dotty with us.

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