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Monday, September 16, 2013


My husband and I planned to celebrate our
30th anniversary in September instead of August
because of the heat.  We remember how
hot it was when we got married 30 years ago.
We chose our destination to be Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

 The cabin that Jorge and I are staying in.
We were told that black bears are in the area.
The garbage cans are in bear proof cages.

 Our anniversary dinner.
Steaks, salad, rolls, and wine.
Brownies for dessert.  
We have to have chocolate.

 On Sunday, Jorge and I were on our way to church.
I'm so glad I had my camera ready because out came a bear cub.
I saw the second cub rolling down in front of our car.
Jorge had not seen him and I told him to stop.
They both rambled on but we didn't stop or come out
because we did not see momma bear and we didn't want to see her either.

Jorge and I went to church in Gatlinburg.  
We learned that this church was formed in the
early 1800's on Baskins Creek.  It was moved
to its present location in 1991.

 Not very often do you see signs like this.

 Jorge and I asked a local which restaurant we should go for dinner.
He told us that to go to Riverstone Restaurant.
Boy was he ever right!  The food was delicious.
The restaurant is located in Townsend, Tennessee.

 Look who Jorge and I bumped into but Santa Claus!
He was awesome!  He said he was on vacation
before Christmas came.  

 Jorge and I are Clingman's Dome, the highest point of the Smokies.
You can see why they're called the Smokies.


How do we end our evening?
We go to Starbucks and we have coffee.

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