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Saturday, December 22, 2012


This year we decided to do something totally different for Christmas.
Our Christmases in the past have been celebrated at home with family and friends.
This year we decided to fly to Miami, Florida to celebrate Christmas
with Jorge's family.  He still has family here and like most Cubans,
it is to Miami they go.

When we left Indiana, there was a snow storm coming.  We left just in time.
We were greeted in Florida with a beautiful sunny day
and 76 degree day.  What a difference location makes.

Getting together with family is always good.
We went to Little Havana to sight see.
I am really going to have to be very careful
what I eat here because the food is so delicious!

We don't have an itinerary for the days that we are staying here.
We just want to spend time with family and have fun.

A little lizard in the mail box.

 Jorge pointing on the 3-D map of Cuba where he was born
and the boys pointing north.

 I forgot the name of this tree but the roots are above ground.
It reminded me of Fangorn Forest on the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

The food from this restaurant was absolutely delicious!

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